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  • Morley08 9275 7118
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Our Location
  • Morley8/2a Progress Street, Morley, WA 8547
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  • Armadale5/26 Prospect Road, Armadale, WA
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  • City Beach7/5 Kilpa Court, City Beach, WA 6015
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About Stirling Speech Pathology

Stirling Speech Pathology provides caring and professional speech pathology and occupational therapy services. Stirling Speech Pathology has clinics located throughout the Perth metropolitan area. We ensure clients and their families attain the best possible outcomes.

Speech, language, education and life skills are our broad areas of focus. We have staff with special interests in a number of more specific areas. Call or email us to discuss your own or your child’s needs.

Orofacial myofunctional disorders is a new capability we are introducing to our services with Catherine Simpson. We are also proud to announce the introduction of the new psychology service at our City Beach branch. FutureWest Health with Ming Thomson will be begin taking referrals in early September 2016.

At Stirling Speech Pathology, we ensure that all clients are treated with kindness and respect. We deal with speech, language, occupational therapy, literacy, behavioural or social issues. All clients are given the latest and most beneficial treatments. Clients are presented with the most appropriate activities. Enjoyment and relevance are always considered. Individual and group therapy is provided.

Family members, carers and teachers are given all relevant information. Encouragement is provided for them to make informed choices about their child’s management. When necessary, we put them in touch with other professionals. Our goal is to support the needs of the “whole” person. The expectations of his/her family are paramount.


Director and Consultant Speech Pathologist
Christine Wells (Armadale, Morley and City Beach)

Office Managers
Susan Wirtz and Ngaire (Morley), Gabby Widdeson and Katelyn Griffiths (Morley and City Beach), Pauline Wells (Armadale)

Occupational Therapists
Bec Czaplinska (Morley)
Calm and Connected OT (Armadale)

Lisa Taylor of Clinical Psychology WA (City Beach)

Speech Pathologists
Shannon Dimasi, Jasmine Forden and Moranda Morey-Stephens at Armadale
Amy Daws, Suzanne Pickering, Kirsten McClymont, Catherine Simpson and Haw Shinn Wai at Morley
Amy Daws, Catherine Simpson and Kirsten McClymont at City Beach