We Offer Assistance for

Speech Sound Difficulties

Some children have difficulty producing the speech sounds appropriate
for their age. We can assess your child’s speech and provide assistance
to correct their speech sound errors.

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Therapy for


If your child finds it hard to talk without repeating sounds
or words, without getting stuck on words or elongating
sounds we can help by providing the strategies to assist
them to achieve fluent speech.

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Occupational Therapy

Does your child have difficulty completing tasks of daily living, such as
dressing, feeding, toileting? Make an appointment with our friendly OTs.

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Therapy for

Spelling & Reading

Is your child finding it hard to learn the skills required
to read or finding understanding written words difficult?
We can help teach your child to look for the patterns
in words and make sense of written text.

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Welcome to Stirling Speech and Allied Services

Speech Sound Difficulties

If you are concerned about your child’s speech, we can assist with treatment to address this.

Language Difficulties

If your child is a late talker or is struggling to put together sentences that make sense, we can help.


Your child’s or your own stutter can be treated. To find out how we can assist, give us a call.

Comprehension Difficulties

Does your child find it hard to listen to and interpret instructions? We can teach active listening skills.

Our Services

Speech Sound Difficulties

If your child finds it difficult to make him/herself understood because the sounds they use are incorrectly produced, we can help …

Expressive Language Difficulties

Is your child taking longer than expected to talk? Or is he/she talking in sentences but leaving out or mixing up words? Maybe your child finds it hard to think of the words to say or gets confused when retelling a story? We can help…

Comprehension Difficulties

Is it hard for your child to remember what is said to him? Does he/she get mixed up when following instructions? Does your child misinterpret concepts such as in, on, under, before/after, etc? Do you have to repeat instructions several times for your child to comply? There are things that you can do to help…


It can be frustrating for your child if he/she frequently repeats sounds or words, gets stuck on sounds/words or elongates sounds/words interrupting the flow of their speech. We can provide strategies to assist with enabling your child to become fluent.

Spelling and Reading Difficulties

Falling behind at school can be soul-destroying for your child. We can help fill in the gaps in your child’s literacy learning by establishing exactly where the breakdown is and targeting activities to assist with his/her spelling and reading.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists can assist with a wide range of difficulties related to fine motor and gross motor movement, everyday self-care skills, attention and concentration and sensory needs.

School Services

We have extensive experience providing a range of services to schools and Education Support Centres and will gladly discuss the options appropriate to your educational setting.

Early Language Groups

Is your child taking longer than expected to say their first words? Or Maybe they’re saying some words but not combining them into sentences? Does your child use gesture or pantomime in preference to spoken words? We can help.

Social Skills Groups

If your child needs help to understand the rules and conventions around making and maintaining friendships, dealing with difficult people, starting and continuing a conversation, working within a group is the most appropriate way to demonstrate and practice social skills with other children under the supervision of a trained professional.

Adult Services

We can help with the communication needs of adults who have experienced some form of trauma or disease affecting their speech, language and/or voice as well as adults who stutter.

Autism and Disability

Our team has a wide and varied experience dealing with the speech and language needs of children on the Autism Spectrum and those diagnosed with other forms of disability.

Early Start Denver Model

Coming soon to Stirling Speech & Allied Services

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a comprehensive, evidence-based, behavioural early intervention program for children with Autism.

Why Choose Us

Stirling Speech and Allied Services Staff

Staff at Stirling Speech and Allied Services has a wide variety of special training and interests to assess children and adults with speech, language, OT and literacy issues ranging from mild to severe. We keep up with the latest treatment protocols and wherever possible implement those methods that are both cost effective and evidence-based.

Our mission at Stirling Speech and Allied Services is to provide caring and professional service to ensure out clients and their families are able to attain the best possible outcomes in terms of speech, language, education and life skills.

Christine Wells – Practice Principal

We have the perfect combination of young enthusiasm and wise experience amongst our clinicians all of whom are continually updating their skills and sharing their knowledge with the other clinicians.  Treatment is carried out either individually or in a group, whichever is deemed most effective, and our clinicians are happy to consider home/school/community visits.  So if you are interested in individual or group therapy or would like to explore the options for school services contact us today.

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