What is a Language Development Centre?

What is a Language Development Centre?

A Language Development Centre (LDC) is a specialised school that is attached to a mainstream Perth metropolitan school and is funded by the government (that is, it’s classed as a public school).

An LDC provides a full time supportive educational placement for children from Kindergarten to Year 1 (most) or Year 3 (South East LDC only), whose primary diagnosis is a developmental language disorder, not in the presence of any other diagnosis (i.e learning disability). The classroom appears like any mainstream classroom, is in-line with the Australian school curriculum standards, but caters to students’ individual language needs.

LDC’s have significantly reduced class sizes and are staffed by experienced and trained teachers, speech pathologists and education assistants. The LDC addresses the individual needs of the students in a way that is not possible in mainstream classrooms. Comprehensive assessments are conducted, covering all areas of speech and language so that individual goals (forming an Individual Education Plan or IEP), monitoring of progress, and planning for the intervention can take place. 

If your child is a late talker or you think that your child is delayed in their speaking, talking and/or understanding of language, speak to a speech pathologist to determine if your child would meet criteria for placement at an LDC.