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Expressive Language Difficulties

Expressive language difficulties can take many forms:

Late talkers

Is your child taking longer than expected to say words or combine words into sentences? Does your child use gesture or pantomime in preference to spoken words?

Oral grammar delay

Is your child mixing up the order of words in sentences when speaking? Does your child leave out the small words in sentences like ‘a’ or ‘the’, ‘is’ or ‘are’? Does your child use the incorrect verb (doing word) endings or not make the correct change to indicate past tense (e.g., run versus ran) or plural (mouses versus mice)?

Word finding problems

Does your child use the wrong words when talking? Or does your child struggle to think of the correct words to use? Does your child talk off-topic or include irrelevant details when describing something? Does your child struggle to remember the names of colours or shapes or find it difficult to describe the positions of things using the correct words like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’, ‘next to’, etc.?

Narrative difficulties

Does your child find it hard to retell stories or find it difficult to tell news at school? Does your child find it tricky to include all the details in the correct sequence when relating incidences or explaining how to do something?

Each of these problems can be very frustrating for your child and affect how well they express themselves and how accurately they convey their message. Some children shy away from speaking with unfamiliar people or refuse to speak with teachers and other children at school. It can be very annoying for your child to be unable to demonstrate their knowledge in clear spoken or written language.

We at Stirling Speech and Allied Services can help with expressive language issues. When assessing a child’s speech and language we look at each of these areas to determine how well your child performs for their age and stage of development. Then, if required, we can provide assistance to your child to learn the strategies that will help to improve his/her performance in these areas. Also, we run groups for parents of late talkers who are taught the evidence-based Hanen principles of It Takes Two to Talk© and Target Word©.

If you are concerned about your child’s expressive language, call us at Morley 08 9275 7118, Armadale 08 9399 8547 or Ellenbrook 08 6296 2726 or click here to request a call back or to make an inquiry.

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