Helping your child to read

Helping your child to read

Using decodable books to help your child read

A decodable book is a book that contains a set of words a person can sound out. That is, they are great for early readers or ones that are struggling.

A decodable book contains sound-letter types and word types that the reader has been taught therefore, the reader has the opportunity to read sound types they have been taught in the context of a story that they CAN decode.

The amazing thing about decodable books is that they give us a proper way of identifying a book that is right for the reader and ensures that their literacy lessons match what they are reading!

English is one of the most complex languages to learn to read and write in for example; we have multiple spellings for the “o” sound (e.g. Boat, low , toe) and the “i” sound (e.g. height, might, kite, lie).

Early readers or ones that are struggling cannot learn this all at once and shouldn’t be expected to learn by just memorizing.

By giving the reader a decodable book, we instantly give them a chance of success, reinforcement of what they have already learned and encourage them to DECODE, not guess from memory.

You can find free printable decodable books here online: