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Reading Problems

Reading problems can affect your child’s ability to achieve at school.

Is your pre-primary or Year 1 child struggling to learn the pre-requisite skills for literacy, such as syllable counting, rhyming, joining sounds together or recognising each of the sounds in words? Is your child finding it difficult to know the sound that each letter makes? Does your child make errors with reading vowel sounds accurately? Does your child make errors reading words containing blends (br-, sm-, -nk, -mp, for example) or digraphs (sh, th, ch, for example)? Does your child not know the silent ‘e’ rule or other tricks when decoding vowels within words? Does your child find it difficult to read the “sight words” that occur within text? Is your child reading too slowly or finding it hard to interpret the gist of what they are reading?

These skills are expected by the education system at younger and younger ages which for many children presents a challenge. They are required to grasp the skills at a faster rate than ever before.

We at Stirling Speech and Allied Services have staff trained in remedial literacy and can help your child learn many of the lessons they may have missed in class. We can also identify any underlying language problems that may be affecting your child’s reading performance and ensure these are addressed.

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