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We can help your child to learn appropriate social skills.

Does your child struggle to make friends? Does your child find it hard to initiate or maintain a conversation? Is your child inclined to misinterpret what is said to them? Is your child ultra sensitive to the comments or actions of others? Does your child find it hard to play with other children or seldom get invited to join in? Does your child find it difficult to manage their anger or frustration? Does your child become so focussed on their own interests that they are unable to show interest in others? Does your child misinterpret facial expressions?

Children who have not learned the skills required to manage their anger or frustration nor the secrets to developing good friendships and becoming responsive communication partners often find social settings and school playgrounds particularly challenging. Stirling Speech and Allied Services runs small social skills groups for children experiencing difficulties fitting in at school or with their peers.

If your child would benefit from explicit teaching of social skills in a group setting, give us a call at Morley 08 9275 7118 or Armadale 08 9399 8547 or click here to request a call back to make an inquiry. We will let you know where and when the next social skills group suitable for your child is being held.

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