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Speech Sound Difficulties

Does your child have speech sound difficulties or articulation issues?

Does your child drop sounds off the beginning or end of words? Does your child substitute the wrong sounds consistently or inconsistently in words or conversation? Does your child appear aware that others are not grasping what they are saying? Is your child reluctant to speak to even familiar people? Do you find yourself having to interpret what your child is saying for others to understand?

Left untreated speech sound difficulties can have a significant impact on your child’s interaction with others as well as affect their self-esteem. In addition, it is well-known that children who have difficulties with speech sounds can also experience problems grasping the letter sounds when learning to read.

The Speech Pathologists at Stirling Speech and Allied Services are able to assess and treat your child’s speech sound difficulties. We are all trained in the PROMPT technique and are able to adopt a number of other strategies to assist your child. Most importantly we understand how crucial it is to make the process fun and engaging and help parents develop the skills to carry out practice at home.

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